Equipaggiamento personale

 L’utilizzo dei tacchetti metallici o parzialmente metallici è consentito, ove permesso dal regolamento di utilizzo delle strutture sportive ospitanti, in quei casi in cui le condizioni meteorologiche rendono difficile l’utilizzo del campo altrimenti. Il Regolamento IQA deve considerarsi modificato come segue:


2.5.2 Mandatory equipment

D. Shoes or cleats

ii. Spikes or studs normally must not be completely made of metal or affixed with metal caps. Spikes or studs made of metal or affixed with metal caps could be used, if allowed by hosting sport venues regulations of usage, in case of severe weather condition and/or irregular pitch surface, at discretion of Tournament Director.


Two/three minimum complementary rule

 Per tutti i tornei ufficiali della Lega Quidditch 2018/2019 sarà in vigore la Two/three minimum complementary rule, presentata alla CIQ18. Il Regolamento IQA deve considerarsi integrato come segue: Two/three minimum complementary rule

 The Italian Quidditch Association gives the following definition of "anagraphic gender": it is the person's gender (which may differ from the sex assigned at birth) according to legal documentation from the person's Country (e.g. ID cards, passports, fiscal code card).

Note: If a process of legal recognition of gender changing is ongoing, then legal documentation proving the process is regarded as an official document and the required gender is considered to be the person's anagraphic gender.


As a complement to the Gender maximum rule, the Italian Quidditch Association requires each team also to have:


A. A minimum of two players for each anagraphic gender in active play on filed at the same time, before the seeker is released.

B. A minimum of three players for each anagraphic gender in active play on filed at the same time, after the seeker is released.

C. In the event that a team cannot field a full team as fielding a full team would cause that team to break the two/three minimum complementary rule due to injury or players receiving red cards, the team may continue to play with fewer than 6 (or 7 if after the seeker floor has ended) players, with the missing player(s) not counting toward the gender minimum. One keeper, one beater, and one chaser (and one seeker, after the conclusion of the seeker floor) are compulsory in play, even when there are fewer than seven players in play (this includes players in the penalty box).

D. A team may not start a game if they cannot field a full legal set of players according to both the Gender maximum rule and the Two/three minimum complementary rule.


Penalty: Speaking Captain Yellow Card - Illegal set of players in play